Fire Terms Glossary

If a fire starts in the office environment, the usual policy is to get everyone out as quickly as possible and call the fire brigade.

There are many demands placed on the modern Fire and Rescue Service that require modern Health and Safety and Personal Development extinguishers

However there may be times when a fire is discovered at an early stage and is considered controllable. In such a situation an attempt to extinguish the fire using fire extinguishing equipment should only be made if:

Sufficient training has been provided on using fire extinguishers
An escape route has been established
However fires can spread very quickly and if the situation escalates and becomes uncontrollable then it must be abandoned immediately.

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Fire or water damage can be removed by proper cleaning process.

Choosing extinguishers

It is essential that every fire extinguisher on site conforms to the appropriate British Standard i.e. it must carry the kite mark or the special BAFE exit

Where to site your extinguishers

Fire extinguishers should be bracket or stand mounted:

  • Where they can be reached quickly (staff should be no more than 30 metres away from a fire extinguisher)
  • Preferably on an escape route near to alarm points
  • Where they are clearly visible i.e. not hidden behind doors or furniture
  • Fixed to the wall at a height where it can be reached (up to 4 kg - 1.5m from the floor, more than 4kg at about 1m from the floor).
  • consultancy specialising in the protection of corporate information
  • Where they are accessible at all times. (i.e. not used as door props)
  • Away from any heat source (e.g. radiators, kettles, cookers etc.)

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This chart shows a typical maintenance programme.

Extinguisher type Basic service Extended service Overhaul & recharge
Water & foam Annually 5 yearly
Powder Annually 5 yearly
CO2 Annually 5 yearly 10 yearly